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The Innovation Window: How FER Compliance Connected Fan Motors to the Internet of Things

Business Dictionary defines durable goods as products, such as industrial and consumer appliances, designed to last at least three years. For OEMs and industrial engineers, three years is hardly durable: a heavy-duty industrial appliance that needs replacement after three years is unmarketable. Industrial engineering means designing for the long term.  ...

100 Shielding Tips and Tricks

The principle of shielding is creating a conductive layer completely surrounding the object you want to shield. This was invented by Michael Faraday and this system is known as a Faraday cage....

Refrigerant Detection in Hotel Room Applications

Modern refrigerant systems are designed to be efficient and leak free. Refrigerant systems are pressurized and in reality, it is widely accepted that no pressurized system is entirely leak free; it is simply a case of how much, and where, the system is leaking. ...

3M: The benefits of Aluminum Foil Tapes in Refrigeration Systems

Seeking improvements in the manufacturing process and to increase the thermal efficiency in refrigerators, the appliance industries extensively used aluminum tapes to replace mechanical fasteners to attach tubes inside refrigerators. ...

The Most Efficient Cooking Experience

Cooking food hadn’t changed much since the beginning of time, until the invention of the stove. In the last century gas and electric cooktops became popular, but now, with modernization of cooking, induction cooktops provide for the most efficient cooking experience to date. ...

Pushing the Envelope

Seems like everyone who fancies themselves an artist or performer uses—or over uses—the term “pushing the envelope” when describing their craft. However, if we journey back to the origins of the term we can regain the value of its meaning. ...

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