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Regal Launches Fan Energy Rating Content Hub

Site provides customers with centralized resources, tools to meet 2019 deadline....

Enhancing the Prototyping Process

Prototyping is a vital part of the product design process. A prototype is a sample or model of a product built for inspecting, testing, and improving the functional design, visual design, and manufacturing process....

Connected Devices and Efficiency Goals Drive AHR Expo 2018

Across nearly all industries represented on the floor, OEMs are watching Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency standards that are already affecting the design and efficiency of units and components....

Regal Mobile App Receives AHR Expo Innovation Award

Browning Toolbox Technician motor efficiency calculator wins Software category; two other products recognized as finalists....

Adhesive Advancements

The wearable transdermal patch first hit the U.S. medical market in 1979 as a newfound, innovative aid for alleviating motion sickness. In the years that followed, wearable transdermal patches were developed to help patients manage various areas of health and wellness, such as hypertension, hormone replacement therapy, smoking reduction and cessation, and treatment of pain....

The Future of Refrigerants

In October 2016, nearly 200 countries, with the strong support of the HVACR industry and other stakeholders, came to a landmark agreement in Kigali, Rwanda, to bring about a global phase down of hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants (HFCs). ...

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