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Conserving Energy, Reducing Noise and Providing Protection: Choosing the Right Insulation

Energy conservation, noise reduction, personnel safety, condensation control, frost/freeze protection, comfort and fire proofing/protection are some of the reasons that insulation is used. ...

Tips for Identifying, Quantifying and Reducing Noise

Consumers today demand quieter operation and better sound quality from their household appliances—whether it’s a vacuum cleaner, a dishwasher or an electric blender. The demand grows as trends continue toward open floor plans and as marketers make consumers better informed about noise....

Stratasys and Eckhart Sign Agreement to Accelerate 3D Printing Adoption for Factory Tools

The collaboration is to support the design of a new generation of factory tools....

More Efficient Motors

Original equipment manufacturers in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry have an opportunity to help both their customers and themselves as they prepare to comply with new energy conservation standards for residential furnace fans....

Regal Launches Fan Energy Rating Content Hub

Site provides customers with centralized resources, tools to meet 2019 deadline....

Enhancing the Prototyping Process

Prototyping is a vital part of the product design process. A prototype is a sample or model of a product built for inspecting, testing, and improving the functional design, visual design, and manufacturing process....

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  • Portable Humidifier (White)

    Portable Humidifier (White)
    Compact and lightweight, this personal humidifier offers portability that is perfect for travel use. Small enough to easily fit in your luggage or carry on. Two...(more)

    $47.45 More Details
  • 14 Box Fan

    14 Box Fan
    Convenient handles allows you to easily carry from room to room. 14 blade provides powerful air delivery. Quiet operation is ideal for night time use. Features...(more)

    $48.95 More Details
  • Replacement TiO2 filter for AC-2102

    Replacement TiO2 filter for AC-2102
    TiO2 (titanium Oxide) Filter with UV Light: Photo catalytic oxidation is achieved when UV ray combines with a TiO2-coated filter. This process creates hydroxyl ...(more)

    $50.00 More Details
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