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A new Fulham module adds Bluetooth to luminaires

The small “bridge” can reside either inside or outside a fixture to wirelessly control dimming, color temperature, and other things in a mesh scheme....

Osram is an IoT user, too, with new networked robots by Deutsche Telekom

Osram doesn’t just sell the IoT concept. It practices it. Wirelessly networked roaming robots will haul materials around a factory, making the most of sensors, data and the like....

Swedish lighting manufacturer Fagerhult agrees to buy Italy's iGuzzini

Its the latest in a series of mergers and acquisitions in the designer and architectural lighting market....

Osram LED module dynamically changes the color of car interiors

Jealous of your friend’s orange-hued dashboard, when you have only the standard blue There’s hope....

Osram Opto joins the ISELED Alliance expanding the ecosystem for in-cabin auto lighting

The ISELED has defined RGB LED modules with an integrated controller that can deliver new SSL capabilities in an automotive cabin, including dynamic cabin lighting, roof lighting, and more, and Osram Opto Semiconductors has joined the alliance....

Osram launches building management tools, free of lights

The world’s second-largest lighting company takes another step in its high-tech transformation, and is starting to look a bit like an engineering firm — not far off its Siemens roots!...

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