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EU to spend £4m designing a modular LED fixture

The Repro-light project is expected to produce a modular LED luminaire as an example of the customizable, upgradable, and recyclable potential of future solid-state lighting designs....

Acuity adds Phunware as an IoT partner for SSL-based indoor location services

Phunware’s customers will be able to leverage more precise indoor location data through the company’s support for the Acuity Brands Atrius Navigator software development kit....

Walmart and Current announce LED lighting milestone of 1.5 million luminaires across 6000 stores and more

Mega retailer Walmart announced at the National Retail Federation Big Show that it had installed more than 1.5 million SSL fixtures in more than 6000 stores, parking lots, distribution centers, and corporate offices....

At Strategies in Light, DOE talk will focus on navigating the new connected-lighting landscape

At Strategies in Light, James Brodrick will draw from DOE reports to examine the lighting market, and how research and collaboration should be focused to unlock the full potential of connected lighting....

Wheat grows twice as fast under LED horticultural lighting

A team of scientists from the UK and Australia has cut the growing time of wheat by 50% by using LED horticultural lighting....

Gooee adds Koopman Interlight to top partnership tier for IoT lighting

The Dutch luminaire maker joins Aurora and Feilo Sylvania as the third member of Gooees “platinum” program, aimed at jointly developing Internet-connected lighting and services....

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