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Televisions News:

The Dyson Airwrap hair styler falls short

The $550 Dyson Airwrap styles your hair with lower heat and air, but doesnt always get it right....

Pixel 3 reviews arrive, Twitter release propaganda archive

This weeks most important tech stories include reviews of Googles new Pixel 3 phones, Palms unlikely return to the mobile marketplace and Twitters release of a massive propaganda archive....

AutoComplete: Tesla introduces a cheaper midrange Model 3

Plus: Ford wont send the Raptor Ranger to America and SuperDuty tailgates are under NHTSA investigation....

Best online styling services to try

If your wardrobe needs a refresh, dont turn to the mall. Try one of the many online styling services instead....

Apple event coming soon, Spotify gets a refresh

In todays most important stories, new Macs and iPads could be unveiled at Apples second fall event. Meanwhile. Spotifys app changes things up....

Checking Volkswagen's Car-Net infotainment in the 2018 Passat

The Passat may be old, but Volkswagens Car-Net infotainment is full of features and easy to use....

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